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American Congregation of Essenic Scholars
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"Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Speak the Word"
African Congregation of Essenic Scholars
South African National Administration and Contact Page
Wilderness Nazarene Church / MidVar Netzarim
Essenic Family of Sacred Societies (Yachads)
The Order of Essenes, O.E.
The Order of Elizabeth, O.E.
The Order of Essenes Secular, O.E.S.
Page for those curious about ministry and ordainment as well as monastic spiritual formation and immersion in the Sacred Community.
Little Sparrow Care Center
Counseling and Wellness Opportunities
Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
Professional education opportunities for the clergy, religious, and faithful in Church Clinics and Preserves. Retreats & Monastic Care.
Ministers Resources
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